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adidas - Play Until They Can't Look Away
Jul 14, 2023
Strategy, Creative, Production, Post-Production, VFX
Capturing the explosive energy of the FIFA Women's World Cup: “Play Until They Can’t Look Away”

Project Summary
For our first project with adidas we brought explosive energy to the FIFA Women’s World Cup. As part of a global campaign, “Play Until They Can’t Look Away,” we created something special for adidas' audience in MENA. The brief was simply this: deliver a “holy sh*t” moment.

Working with three Moroccan football powerhouses, Morocco was the obvious authentic backdrop for the campaign. 

We brought together Élodie Nakkach and Imane Saoud who showcased their skills in the streets and on-pitch. By these locations we showed that almost every player’s journey starts on the streets, where their passion for the game is born, before it progresses to the pitch where their skills are honed and their commitment is really tested.

Our Approach
As focus remained on the players, we mirrored the intensity of the game, immersing viewers in the purest form of football. We celebrated the players' dedication and the game’s playful and passionate nature. 

We incorporated a series of fast cuts, highlighting the product and the athletes in action. By emphasising speed throughout the video, we reinforced the X CRAZYFAST messaging and showcased the technical benefits of the adidas product.  

Additionally, we meticulously synchronised the movements of the players on the streets with their actions on the pitch, creating a seamless flow and unison between the two scenes. 

To deliver the anticipated “holy sh*t” moment and add an extra wow factor, we blasted a ball through a rug. Was it in camera, or using VFX? We’ll never tell. We leverage the power of visual storytelling to stretch the boundaries of reality. We make the impossible possible 😉

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