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Timberland - Chase The Light
May 31, 2022
Production, Strategy, Live Action
Establishing an ownable position in the outdoors for Timberland, with a focus on equality.

Project Summary

Our first global campaign with Timberland - part of VF Corporation - the brand challenged us to establish an ownable position in the outdoors for Timberland, with a focus on equality. The brief covered Timberland’s global market.

Timberland’s mission is to equip people to make a difference in the world. They do this by creating outstanding products and by trying to make a difference in the communities in which they live and work. They demonstrate this philosophy across all facets of their company, from their products to their employee involvement in their communities.

Our Approach

We approached the concept with the intention of splitting the campaign priorities into two deliverables – a brand anthem film including related retail and social executions, plus product vignettes to really speak to the technology and style of the product.

We recognised the importance of highlighting the equality challenges the Timberland consumer faces and understood that building authentic relationships with the cast to bridge the gap between the consumer and the outdoors would be crucial within the anthem content.

And by creating separate product vignettes, we were able to position GreenStride™ as the tool to bring comfort to the outside as well as elevating key head-to-toe looks focused on the brand’s EcoOriginal apparel.


Establish an ownable position in the outdoors for Timberland, with a focus on equality

The ambition for this global campaign spanned four areas. Firstly, owning the journey from the city to the outside. Secondly, leveraging community authenticators in our content. Thirdly, leading the city to outside movement through the lens of Timberland’s GreenStride™ technology. And finally, building lifestyle with eco-innovation apparel.

At its core, we wanted this campaign to connect to the journey from the city to the outside, and back again.

Creative Concept

“A story of change makers. Challenging under-representation. Driving inclusivity. Building communities. In our outdoors. We are the change makers. We’re moving the world forward. And this is a window to our world. In the same way that we are part of nature. And nature is part of us. We’re part of our city. And part of the outdoors. This is a window to our world. A transitional point between the environments that make us, us. A celebration of the contrast. A portrayal that nature is everywhere. This is our journey. From the city to the outdoors. And back again. All for nature, nature for all.”

The creative concept was driven by a window into nature. A metaphor that nature is for everyone, accessible to all. We conveyed this using three components that tell the city to nature story.

Firstly, by using a green screen backdrop we were able to bring in a contrasting environment to constantly reinforce the city to nature and nature is everywhere messages - uniquely and symbolically.

Secondly, by using shot-matched split screens we showed two contrasting environments by displaying the same action or movement happening in the nature and city setting.

Finally, by shooting authenticators in nature and the city - following their interactions with each other and with nature. This kept the content real and relatable for the consumer.

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