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lululemon - Travel
Mar 15, 2024
Strategy, Art Direction, Design, Production
lululemon challenged us to come up with a strategy, messaging, and visual direction that spoke to their core consumers' desire to pack less and do more.

The Challenge

lululemon came to us with the knowledge that people are traveling more than ever before, and with a focus on packing light. They don’t want to check a bag, so they’re packing more intentionally than ever before. From this insight, the brand had created an incredibly versatile travel capsule for 2024 - including clothing, accessories and luggage - and challenged us to come up with a strategy, messaging and visual direction that spoke to their core consumers desire to pack less and do more.


The primary goal is to drive revenue and conversion online and in-store. Secondary goals are to raise consideration, gain earned media impressions and increase the association between travel and the lululemon brand. Respect the subtle brand world of lululemon whilst adding visual interest which communicates the pack less and do more approach to travel.


We immediately knew we had to maintain a continuous theme of travel, whilst delivering the message that these items can be used in a tonne of different scenarios on a vacation. Visually we adopted an editorial approach which took inspiration from travel journals and frame sequence layouts and built a formula to use across all placements to bring this to life:(Vignettes of travel life + product on body + product in motion + emotion) * visual tapestry and modern collage = lululemon Travel Capsule


We wanted to make it really clear what role the lululemon travel capsule plays in the life of their customer. To position the product as their sidekick, making it indispensable to them.

We injected design elements like arrows and barcodes from boarding passes to provide an instant cognitive link with travel. Subtle repetition throughout the visuals helped us to communicate the journey and we used GIFs in key placements to show the same outfit pieces in different scenarios. Throughout, we built the travel narrative and “less is more” capsule approach through product imagery, b-roll and textures.

Our approach was to capture imagery which evokes feeling - we’d go as far as to say joy. This was captured through movement, energy and a portrayal of connection - between the talent and with the environment. We teamed up with photographer Iris Humm, who brought this vision to life perfectly.

Through an aesthetic defined by confident looks, we communicated the feelings of security, honesty and authenticity throughout. Through some individual shots, there was even be a tinge of vulnerability that many of us feel when travelling solo.

Ultimately we were focussed on showing the travel capsule as the enabler and partner in adventure.

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