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Berghaus - Technical Lifestyle Spring 23
Apr 20, 2023
Production, Strategy, Live Action, Lifestyle, Art Direction
We created an integrated campaign that celebrates and captivates the raw, untamed beauty of the urban outdoors while highlighting the remarkable women who are inspired by this rugged terrain.


Berghaus had a bold challenge for us: take their spring 23 tlifestyle collection into the urban terrain while staying true to their brand DNA of adventure and the outdoor

Our Goal

Create a complete integrated campaign that celebrates and captivates the raw, untamed beauty of the urban outdoors while highlighting the remarkable women who are inspired by this rugged terrain. We wanted to showcase the powerful and inspiring stories of women who embody the perfect blend of grit, creativity, and determination.

Our Concept

We created the ‘For Everything That Moves You’ collective - a group of awe-inspiring women who have redefined what it means to be a trailblazer in today’s world through their unbreakable bond with nature. Our whole concept was based on championing a community of like-minded, underrepresented women in the city. Through the great outdoors, they connect around the values that are important to them and drive positive change.

Our Approach

We knew that collaboration and community were key. That’s why we joined forces with the incredibly talented director, Naomi Berrio-Allen, and photographer, Maddie Penfold. Together, we were able to strengthen and authenticate the concept of a campaign that is designed for women, by women.

To truly capture the essence of our changemakers, we took to their natural surroundings. Filming on location, we merged the pace and hustle of the urban terrain with moments of calm and balance in nature-dominant locations. By showcasing each remarkable woman in her element, we championed what they do best.

Using a blend of live-action film and photography, we captured the energy, passion, and creativity of these trailblazers. From the city streets to nature reserves, we created a visual narrative that celebrates the beauty and strength of women who are not afraid to challenge the norm and break barriers.

The result is an inspiring and powerful campaign that highlights the incredible stories of women who have become true role models. Through their love for the outdoors and their unwavering determination, they have shown that anything is possible. We are proud to have been a part of this initiative, and we hope that our campaign will continue to inspire and empower women everywhere.

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