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5 Rings Coffee - In A Spin
Apr 30, 2021
Live Action, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Introducing a new coffee brand with a cycling twist. Three Olympic champions with passion for coffee.
5 Rings was created from a longstanding friendship which began in 2012. Three young aspiring athletes on the national cycling team, all with the shared dream of becoming Olympic champions. During this journey, the founders have travelled the globe. Without fail, the first thing they would do upon arriving was to begin their search for great coffee, with mixed
First, we drank a tonne of coffee. So much coffee. I can still feel it running through my veins as I write this. Why am I shaking? After we tasted the product, we set to work in a cafe-come-studio environment producing over 20 separate pieces of video content to give the brand the biggest bang for their buck. Or should that be bean for their grinder?

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